Getting Results

Using the Shop Program to Improve Your Selling Skills

The shopping program can be a great tool to help improve the selling skills of the individuals participating.  However, to gain results you have to actively use the shopping reports and the information they contain. The following are some suggestions to consider.

  • When reviewing the shop, take time to recognize the positives.  This will help build confidence and motivation.
  • Establish goals on what type of results you want to obtain on the calls. Track your results and any improvement.
  • Post a brief recap of the steps of the selling process near your desk as a visual reminder.
  • Establish tangible goals for upselling. You will be more likely to achieve them if they are in writing and measurable.
  • Once a year have a features and benefits strategy meeting to refresh your presentation.
  • Utilize the audio links provided with each shop report to help continue to reinforce and refresh the basic selling skills.
  • Use role-plays in your team meetings to work as a group in further developing how you cover each step of the sales process.

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